A forum for all of those open to balancing their Chakras, enhancing their yoga practice and ensuring optimum holistic health

The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets, The Chakra Energy Diet and more…

Learn how love heals the drama – from sex addiction to depression and cancer – happening in the lives of the captivating participants in a chakra workshop.

Balance your own chakras as you laugh, cry and maybe even jump for joy as you experience their transformation with them in The Chakra Diaries by Becca Chopra.

Whether you just love good storytelling, or want to be inspired, order The Chakra Diaries, and then download the FREE CHAKRA MEDITATIONS from the book.

“New Age fiction you’ll want to read for its wisdom as much as for its drama and sensuality.” ~ Marya Mann, PhD, Brave New Viewsletter

“I just loved the book! Astonishing waves of chakra-linked emotion to each section.” ~ Sue Lilly, co-author of Crystal Healing

“The best way to learn about the chakras is through fascinating real-world stories, tense with melancholy and wild with humor, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the book.” ~ Honolulu Weekly

Chakra Secrets coverLearn more about chakra balancing, yoga and meditation in my memoir of journeying to become a yoga teacher and chakra healer in Chakra Secrets: On the Path to Love and Happiness.

Through the betrayals and brutal loss of my husband, the illness of my best friend, and beyond grief and guilt, I explore yoga, chakra meditation, crystal healing, kundalini, tantric sex, macrobiotics, and even past-lives.

I not only share personal secrets, but the extraordinary “instant” chakra balancing technique I learned in Hawaii from shaman and Huna philosopher, Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. You can put this instant energy healing technique into practice right here, right now, following along step-by-step with my book, Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life and the FREE companion streaming video, Balance & Tone Your Chakras.Book & DVD

Here’s what others have said about Chakra Secrets:

“This is one heaven of a book. Sweet, sassy, symmetrical, symbolic and sensuous, every page holds an affirmation for richer, deeper living. If you want to change and grow with a heart full of love instead of fear, read this book: it will empower your next adventure not only with new hope, but new wisdom.” ~  Marya Mann, PhD, Brave New Viewsletter

“If you would like to feel more security, passion, creativity, self-confidence, love, intuition and inspiration, why not shift your energy through chakra healing? Lucky for us, author Becca Chopra has made it her life’s work to teach us how these subtle energies can be balanced through yoga, meditation, and mind-body healing techniques.”
~ Big Island Weekly

The Chakra Energy Diet coverMy latest book is The Chakra Energy Diet. YES, EAT YOUR WAY INTO BALANCE!

Being overweight, unhappy or physically in pain are CLUES about which of your CHAKRAS, the energy centers in your body, are out-of-balance. Once you know what’s sabotaging your health and weight loss efforts, you can balance your diet with chakra healing foods to look and feel your best.

Part I of the book explains how we’re both psychologically and physically sabotaged by stress to overeat and crave sweets, and how GMOs, pesticides and refined sugar and other addictive ingredients in our “food” products further stress the body… in other words, it’s not your fault!

Part II offers clues and a quiz as to which of your chakras are most stressed, with suggestions on food choices and recipes, and balancing activities including yoga poses and other exercises for each chakra, so you can quickly move into balance.

Learn how to increase your energy, reach your optimal body weight, and be happier and healthier by using chakra healing foods, stress-busting techniques, yoga and exercise… start THE CHAKRA ENERGY DIET today.

For ongoing support and free Chakra Energy Diet meal plans, sign up at http://www.thechakras.org.

I’d also love to hear what you have to say about my chakra books, meditation tape and self-help video… please leave a comment here, a review on Amazon, or contact me directly with anything you’d like to share or ask at Becca@thechakras.org.

Becca Chopra


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