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About Becca Chopra, the author

Author of “The Chakra Diaries”

Hi, my name is Becca Chopra, and I’m interested in sharing information on chakra balancing and holistic healing, both through fiction and non-fiction.  A yogini  and counselor, I also teach Huna, the ancient Hawaiian philosophy of life and healing, and macrobiotics, both beneficial in balancing mind, body, and spirit.

The Chakra Diaries is an account of ten people viewing and saving their lives through the lens of the chakras. Both paperback and Kindle versions are available at Amazon.com. The sequel, Chakra Secrets, concentrates on my own story and shows how I worked to balance each of my chakras in turn. Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life is a self-help book and DVD which teach you the Huna technique, Dynamind, applied to chakra balancing.

I’m currently writing The Chakra Diet, which will cover diet and exercise recommendations to achieve balance and optimum health.  If you would like to enter to win a free Chakra Diet consultation, please go to www.thechakras.org.



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  1. Becca,

    I am looking forward to reading a sample chapter.


  2. Thanks, please view the first chapter at http://www.TheChakras.org.

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  4. Hello, thank you for following my blog! Hope you have a joyful ride in each of your visits.. 🙂

    Your book sounds amazing! I’m looking forward to knowing more about your book! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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  6. Hi Becca,
    I enjoyed your site’s graphics a lot.
    I have some new Spiritual Infographics at http://howtomeditate-n-heal.org/free-infographics-embed-codes/ that fit your niche. They’re free to embed if you think your visitors would enjoy them.
    Richard Crown

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