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Mind-Body Healing Meditations

Q: Becca, I can’t sit in silent meditation without distraction. How can I reap the health benefits of meditation?

A: Many people have trouble with the Eastern, passive style of meditation. If you want to tap into  mind-body healing through meditation, an effective and convenient way is to use guided visualizations. They are easy-to-use self-help tools that bypass your busy, critical mind, to install healing images in your subconscious, which is in charge of our habits and beliefs.

Imagery has long been considered a healing tool in virtually all of the world’s cultures, including Hawaii where I study the ancient Huna philosophy.

Guided visualizations start by bringing you into a state of relaxation, or the Alpha State, usually through deep abdominal breathing. Then, you are led to imagine symbols, colors, spirit guides, or listen to affirmations that will lead you toward balance, release of tension, and restoration of your body’s natural healing abilities.

If you are good at entering a state of relaxation and imagination, you can start right away with a few deep breaths, then visualize any pain you might be having. What does it feel like? Imagine your pain as a knife, a rope or any other symbol that comes to mind. Then pull out the knife, untie the rope or fill the place of pain with a healing green light. See your body healing as the healing light repairs broken bones, soothes sore muscles or dissolves tumors.

Visualizations create powerful impact on the subconscious mind! Finish with an image of yourself doing something that symbolizes perfect health and feel the joy in doing it.

It’s often easier to start with listening to a taped visualization with the soothing voice of a healing guide accompanied by soft, beautiful music. For an overall toning of your health and well-being, try my Chakra Meditations from The Chakra Diaries, available for free download at www.thechakras.org.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries


Man in Tibet Melts Snow with his Body Heat!

A recent story chronicled an amazing feat by a Tibetan man. An observer noted that the man’s mental concentration was so acute that he could sit outdoors in deep snow, nude and melt the snow around his body.

At the Hindu monastery on Kauai, we were visited by a guru from India who could breathe through his eyes.

These extreme results of the practice of meditation can result in what may look like miracles. But we can all achieve miracles in our lives through meditation, more useful ones than melting snow or breathing through eyeballs. For example, meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, enhance motor reflexes, increase motor control, increase exercise tolerance, sharpen perceptions, increase awareness, improve concentration, maintain health, provide a general positive outlook on life, and foster the development of a sense of personal meaning in the world.

Scientific studies reveal that meditation produces a specific physiological response pattern that involves various biological systems: metabolic, autonomic, endocrine, neurological, and psychological. Studies on how these mechanisms are involved in producing the final pattern of responses continue. The answers are so complex, the physiological response to meditation probably occurs on a multidimensional, interactive basis.

But why wait? We know the benefits of meditation, if not all the hows and whys. You can experience the benefits through simple sitting meditation, clearing of the mind with a focus on your breath. Or quiet your busy “chattering mind” with a guided visualization. To try a guided visualization that you can listen to lying down, try this Chakra Meditation.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaires


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