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Interview with Michelle Hastie on “The Chakra Energy Diet”

The following post is from Michelle Hastie’s totalbodyhealthsolutions.com:

The Chakra Energy Diet coverI was pleased to find a fellow Chakra writer out there in Becca Chopra and was honored to read her book, “The Chakra Energy Diet.” I highly recommend you give it a read! Meanwhile, here is a short interview from Becca herself:

1) What inspired you to write The Chakra Energy Diet?

Becca: Too many of my students and friends blame themselves for weight issues – and I wanted to get across the message that “It’s not your fault!” I feel America’s weight issues primarily stem from the physical stress put on our bodies by the fast food, junk food and GMO’s in most people’s diets, and the mental and emotional stress we encounter in our daily lives.

I too have suffered from emotional eating, food cravings, unwanted pounds, aches and pains and other symptoms of an imbalance in my life. I knew that these symptoms were a gift – showing me that I needed to pay attention and change something – and I wanted to share the lessons I had learned. For instance, how to eliminate the harmful stress in our lives, which equals health and weight issues. Through years of applying Macrobiotics, Ayurveda and Chakra balancing in my life and the lives of my students, I wanted to share the changes people could make to achieve balance in their lives too. My previous books focused more on meditation, guided visualization, yoga and other chakra balancing techniques. The missing piece I felt to my message was diet – which, when out of balance, throws the body, mind and spirit out of balance as well.

2) What is the best way to avoid overwhelm while navigating through all the different chakras?

Becca: The easiest way to approach chakra healing is to start at the beginning, with the Root Chakra. Follow the balancing techniques for each chakra and you will learn what works best for you. You can become your own best counselor, recognizing a symptom before it becomes a chronic pain or disease and make necessary adjustments in your lifestyle.

3) How do you recommend readers begin a yoga practice for optimal healing?

Becca: For those who have never done yoga before, I recommend finding a local teacher with a beginner class. Talk to the teacher and tell him/her of any physical issues you may have so they can help adjust the poses for you. It’s hard to make adjustments yourself without someone to guide you. Even if you only have time to go to class one day per week, you can still do a short yoga routine that you’ve learned each morning to move from sleep to stretching into an energy-filled day. Be sure to hold your yoga poses and breathe into them for the recommended time to get the full stress-relieving benefits they provide to both the mind and the body.

4) You talk about the importance of nutrition and cooking; how do you recommend a newbie gets started in the kitchen?

Becca: If you’re used to eating in restaurants or getting take-out every day, approach cooking as a great new hobby that will reap huge rewards for yourself and your family. I offer very simple recipes for each chakra in my book. Start with these easy dishes with just a few ingredients, for instance, organic whole grains and vegetables, salads, or even just a smoothie, and see how much better you feel when you eat food without unnecessary sugar, salt, pesticides or chemical additives. You can sign up for free Chakra Balancing menus at www.theChakras.org.

5) Many people complain of low energy; how do you see balancing the chakras as a way to increase energy?

Becca: The chakras ARE our energy centers. If one or more are blocked or closed, your physical energy will be affected. And one of the biggest energy robbers is poor quality food that leads to intestinal dysbiosis, a compromised immune system and hormone imbalances that correlate to imbalanced chakras. Many people rely on stimulants like caffeine and sugary snacks to make it through the day, and then rely on alcohol or drugs to try to conquer insomnia – a seesaw that leads to chronic exhaustion. I recommend nourishing yourself with fresh, organic food and drink that is literally alive with vibrant colors, as well as specific exercises, yoga postures, affirmations and meditations to balance the chakras. These lifestyle ideas can help you to look and feel better, lose weight, reduce stress, and have sustained energy. To learn more about the seven major chakras and how they function in your energy system, please download my free 10-minute Chakra Meditation at www.theChakras.org/meditations.html.

This is just a tidbit of her brilliance and much more can be found in her book, “The Chakra Energy Diet“.

– See more at: http://totalbodyhealthsolutions.com/book-interview-the-chakra-energy-diet/#sthash.YnEJ1ZS1.dpuf

The Chakra Diet Plan to Balance your Crown Chakra


If you agree with more than 3 or 4 of the following statements, you may want to look at ways to heal your Crown Chakra, which will help you transform and connect with your higher self, the infinite spirit, God…


  1. I have very strong religious or spiritual beliefs.
  2. I tend to get in debates about my spiritual beliefs.
  3. I lack faith in a higher power.
  4. I have stayed with my childhood religion without introspection about my actual beliefs.
  5. Religious fanatics drive me crazy.
  6. I feel confused about God or religious practices.
  7. I feel let down by God.
  8. I feel all alone.
  9. I’m spiritual to the extent that I often neglect my physical body.
  10. I converse with god, spirits or angels more than with people.

Spiritual oneness is the goal of opening the 7th chakra, the Crown Chakra, the point of knowing and enlightenment. It is our highest energy center, located at the top of the head and extending above it about two inches. It represents liberation, humanitarianism, deep understanding, and spiritual growth, union with the higher self and the Divine.

After my best friend died, all my energy centers were affected but I recognized these emotional or mental issues commonly associated with the Crown Chakra – a feeling of aloneness, depression, and a loss of meaning. I prayed for Divine help and received a deep connection to universal love, to my friend, and knowing that her spirit lived on.

Opening or balancing your Crown Chakra can bring a profound awakening, a connection to our spiritual nature as well as to cosmic consciousness.

Crown Chakra Healing Foods

Detoxifying Juice Since the crown chakra is more spiritual than physical, it is not nourished with physical foods in the same way that they feed other chakras. The correlation between the Crown Chakra and food is to make it a spiritual experience, whether by purifying the body through fasting for religious reasons during Ramadan or Yom Kippur, giving up a special food for Lent, or adding prayer or grace before meals.

We’ve all either said grace before eating as a child, or seen others do it, but have you continued this practice? It’s a valuable tool to bless your food with a healing intention and vibration. You can use a general blessing, or one adapted to a specific chakra that you want to strengthen. For the Crown Chakra: “May this food bless and nourish my body and help me support my spiritual purpose.”

Detoxification cleanses, such as juice fasting, can also benefit the Crown Chakra. I especially like juicing mangosteen, in season now in Hawaii, with its luscious purple color – associated with the Crown Chakra – for a detoxifying cleanse. Mangosteen contains powerful antioxidants and immune system boosters called Xanthones, natural chemical compounds which possess a variety of potent medicinal properties.

Foods that are pure and unadulterated also keep the Crown Chakra open and integrated with spirit. Pure foods include those organically grown without chemicals or genetic modification. For animal foods, choose those raised in a natural environment, free-range or fed organic feed, without being injected with excess hormones or antibiotics.

Crown Chakra Healing Activities and Yoga Poses

While the Third Eye Chakra is often connected to meditation, the Crown Chakra is more connected to prayer or devotion to a higher power. Prayer could mean anything from singing religious hymns or reciting formal prayers or psalms, to devotional chanting like kirtan. The Downward Dog yoga pose increases circulation to the head, increasing mental clarity and readying you for prayer. Being in nature, breathing in sunlight and fresh air, will also energize the Crown Chakra.

Before we end with a Crown Chakra Visualization, here’s a recap of my blogs on Healing Foods for the Chakras:

Chakra Foods


Crown Chakra Visualization

All we have learned and healed through the lower six chakras merges and travels up the spine, creating a purple color. Here we open ourselves to awareness of the divine and our highest consciousness. Focus on breathing in the violet light, relaxing, letting go. Keeping your focus on the crown of your head, allow the chakra to open, visualizing it as a crown of light above your head. Feel it expanding and opening to the wonder and radiance of spirit. Send love up and out the crown chakra and then welcome its return in a beam of light that pours down through your whole being. Let the energy flow through you and around you and embrace totality.

Breathe in the power and the healing. Imagine a rainbow of light pouring down your body, from your crown chakra down to your root chakra, enveloping you in harmony with everything above and below and around you.

March 31st is the last day to enter to win a free, personalized Chakra Diet Plan at www.theChakras.org, which will also guarantee you a FREE copy of my forthcoming book, The Chakra Diet. 


Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life


Feed the Third Eye Chakra with Brain Food for Inspiration and Intuition

GrapesWant more inspiration on what path you should take in life? Want to increase your intuition about which foods will balance your chakras and balance your life?

The Third Eye Chakra, the 6th chakra, gives us insight, premonitions, psychic abilities. Through the Third Eye Chakra you may connect to the higher self to seek and receive inner guidance. Your psychic and telepathic abilities may become heightened, and you’ll be able to trust your inner wisdom.

Signs of an unbalanced Third Eye Chakra include emotional or mental issues such as fuzzy thinking or confusion, or physical issues such as headaches, sinusitis, vision problems, nightmares, and anxiety disorders. Addictions to foods, and issues with weight, can be directly related to the Third Eye Chakra, especially when we’re addicted to foods that stimulate the brain with sugar and caffeine, such as colas and chocolate.

When the Third Eye Chakra is balanced, we have an ability to think clearly, trust our inner wisdom and have a healthy reliance on our intuitive powers.

Third Eye Chakra balance is intimately tied into the health of the pineal gland, which controls our entire hormonal system. It also oversees the brain, and is directly linked to our moods through our thoughts and working of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin. If you overeat or make poor food choices when you’re over-stressed or in a bad mood, you’ll want to seek other ways to soothe yourself such as yoga and meditation.

Kneeling yoga mudraYoga Poses for the Third Eye Chakra:

Add the Bridge pose to your yoga repertoire to balance the Third Eye Chakra, as well as Kneeling Yoga Mudra to unite the head and heart and bring a fresh supply of oxygen-carrying blood to the brain. Kneeling down, clasp the hands behind you as you touch your chin toward your chest, bending at the waist and leaning forward until your head touches the floor.

Sitting up, also try the Bumble Bee Breath, inhaling deeply then exhaling with your lips vibrating with the sound “hmmmmmmmm.”

Third Eye Chakra Visualization:

Breathe in the color indigo, a very dark blue, into the center of your forehead. Here we return to the magic of childhood, to unlimited possibilities, to skills we have always had but which were pushed out of sight. Awaken and clarify your inner vision to have a clear picture of what you want your life to be. Also awaken to a different kind of seeing, clairvoyance or clear sight, that allows you to look inside and beyond the limits of time and space.

Foods, especially that share colors with the chakras, carry vibrations that can activate or balance your chakras…

Third Eye Chakra Healing Foods: The Third Eye Chakra vibrates to the color indigo, a dark purplish blue. Purple foods such as grapes, blueberries, blackberries and raisins not only resonate with a similar color, but they contain antioxidants known as anthocyanidins that protect the brain and nervous system from stress. Red wine, in moderation, is touted for its health benefits. Other purple foods that nourish the Third Eye Chakra include eggplant, purple cabbage, purple kale, purple potatoes or sweet potatoes, as well as all types of stimulating spices.

Chocolate, unless you’re a sugar addict (which is more common than you might think) can help revive a brain taxed by overthinking or overuse of psychic skills – savor a small piece of dark chocolate, chewing it slowly and consciously, for best effect. If you do have uncontrollable cravings for sugars and simple carbohydrates (everything from cookies, cake and chocolate to bread and muffins), you may need to go on a “sugar detox” to remove the “Sugar Blues,” known since this book was written decades ago. Our brains are stimulated and can become addicted to sugar, especially when combined with unhealthy fats and salt in processed foods designed to make us eat more than just one. In this case, choose the purple/blue berries listed above as a substitute for processed sweet foods in your diet, and you’ll be better able to stave off uncontrollable cravings.

Third Eye Chakra Healing Activities:

Meditating for a few minutes before eating is wonderful to clear your mind and let your intuition guide your food choices. When I suffered from heavy menstrual bleeding, I found myself reaching over to eat a bite of my partner’s steak. He was shocked, as I had been a vegetarian for years. But my inner wisdom aimed my fork toward what my body needed, until I could address the cause of the heavy bleeding.

Practice using your intuition when food shopping – what food or drinks call out to you? If you find yourself craving a particular food too often, check your nutritional needs in case your body is giving you a signal you need to pay attention to. In case you have food sensitivities, keep a food journal to watch how your mind and body react after eating certain foods. Do you get fatigued, depressed, or have any physical aches and pains?

When we balance our chakras, we craft our lives the way we want them to be, rather than living in constant reaction to forces outside of us. These spirals of energy are wheels that heal, feeding the body good energy and profoundly affecting our metabolism, as well as emotions, sensations and behaviors.


Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life



The Chakra Diet – Balance Your Heart Chakra and Lose Weight Too!


You feel love when you give love. And you need an open, balanced Heart Chakra to be the compassionate, loving person that is the real you. If you answer YES to more than 4 or 5 of the following questions, you may want to look at ways to heal your Heart Chakra…

Heart Chakra Questionnaire (Check those statement you agree with.)

  1. I often put others ahead of myself.
  2. I’m tired from being a caregiver.
  3. I’m angry and resentful about the way I’ve been treated.
  4. I find it hard to forgive or let go of hurt feelings.
  5. I’m very empathic – feeling other’s feelings.
  6. My heart has been broken.
  7. I have heart problems (hypertension or high cholesterol).
  8. I have lung problems (asthma, allergies or frequent coughs).
  9. I have problems in my love life.
  10. I feel numb and a loss of passion.
  11. I release my stress by connecting with friends or family.
  12. I don’t get enough hugs, kisses or massages.
  13. I often get heartburn after eating.
  14. I don’t really like vegetables.
  15. Relationship problems cause me to overeat.

Located at the center of your chest, the fourth chakra, the Heart Chakra, is associated with the physical organs – the heart and lungs. If your Heart Chakra is blocked or imbalanced, you may experience physical issues with these organs, such as hypertension or respiratory ailments, or feel pain in the upper back and shoulders. You may feel emotional insensitivity, sorrow, depression, resentment, or dependency on nicotine or marijuana.

When the Heart Chakra is balanced, you are able to feel love, openly giving and receiving it. You are able to be compassionate without taking on other’s feelings. You can let go of sadness, release old resentments, forgive yourselves and others, and move forward with emotional empowerment.

The Heart Chakra is the bridge between the lower three chakras – the Root Chakra which relates to our safety and security; the Sacral Chakra, which relates to our creativity and sexuality; the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the base of our personal power and identity; and the higher three chakras – the Throat Chakra, which is associated with speaking our truth; the Third Eye Chakra, which opens us to our higher knowing and intuition; and the Crown Chakra, our connection to spirit.

Leafy greensHeart Chakra Healing Foods: While the first three chakras are fed by protein, fats and carbohydrates, the Heart Chakra is balanced through phytochemicals or macronutrients, especially those in green vegetables. The rising energy imparted by leafy greens, for instance, feeds our expansion, growth and opening in all directions, like the feeling of love and a willingness to give of ourselves.

Foods, especially that share colors with the chakras, carry vibrations that can activate or balance your chakras. So, nourish your Heart Chakra with the many green vegetables – from kale, spinach, chard, collard, dandelion and mustard greens, to lettuce and sprouts of all kinds, and nourishing and health-protective cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower. There’s also bok choy, cabbage, arugula, green peas and peppers, leeks and green onions, watercress, zucchini, celery, and more. Take a stroll through your local Farmer’s Market and appreciate the abundance of green veggies and choose your favorites, then open up and try some new ones. Ask how to best prepare them and savor their delicious flavors.

Also, include green fruit in your diet, from green apples, pears, grapes and kiwi, to that best salad ingredient of all – avocados.

Heart Chakra Healing Activities: You can strengthen the healing effect of your food by adding in some green veggies at each meal, for instance, adding some leafy greens to your morning smoothie or green peppers in your omelet, having a large salad at lunch, and steaming broccoli or zucchini for your side dish at dinner. Make your meal with love and gratitude, for the people who grew your food, to the people you will share it with. Say grace before meals, such as this one suggested by Shakti Gawain: “May this food bless and nourish my body, and keep me at my ideal weight.”

We often overeat to fill a feeling of emptiness or lack of love. If sharing food is one of the major ways your mother has expressed her love to you, or you to your family, think of other ways to feed the longing of your own heart, rather than with food.  Instead, pamper yourself with a massage or social activity, or reach out to others through volunteer work.

Exercising with others is recommended for the Heart Chakra. Join in a yoga class, a team sport, an aerobics or spin class at the gym, take a walk with a friend or partner, or play catch with your children.

Healing Visualization: One of my favorite visualizations if I’m feeling a relationship problem, is to imagine playing catch with the person I’m having difficulty with. In your mind’s eye, see a person you are having a problem with. See if they catch the ball and throw it back. If not, surround the game of catch or relationship with a green glow, send that person love and forgiveness, and through magical thinking, have them throw the ball back and forth with you. And then catch yourself smiling.

When we balance our chakras, we craft our lives the way we want them to be, rather than living in constant reaction to forces outside of us. These spirals of energy are wheels that heal, feeding the body good energy and profoundly affecting our metabolism, as well as emotions, sensations and behaviors.

Heart Chakra Recipes: One of my favorite, easy recipes for the Heart Chakra is sauteed kale. First, I slice and sautee an onion and some garlic, add chopped kale and cook until tender. Top with seasonings of your choice – my family loves it mixed with some vinagrette dressing. These days, you can pick up Kale Chips as a snack almost everywhere, a great replacement for less healthy potato chips. Or make your own…

Homemade Kale Chips:

  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F.
  2. Rinse and dry a bunch of kale (organic is best) and sprinkle with olive oil and sea salt. Massage the oil and salt into the kale leaves with your hands.
  3. Fill 2 large rimmed baking sheets with a single layer of kale and bake for 8-10 minutes or until the leaves are crisp. Eat immediately or store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 days.

Please share your favorite recipe for Heart Chakra balancing – it may be included in my upcoming book, THE CHAKRA DIET! If you’d like to win a Personalized Chakra Diet Plan, enter to win at www.theChakras.org.


Becca Chopra, author of Chakra Secrets, The Chakra Diaries and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life


THE CHAKRA DIET – Balance the Sacral Chakra and Lose Weight Too!

squash pieWith Thanksgiving just around the corner and pumpkin pies in the making, it’s a good time to talk about the Sacral Chakra, and the orange foods that can be used to balance this center of sexual and creative energy.

Located at the lower abdomen, the second chakra, the Sacral Chakra, is the focal point of your emotions, governing how you relate to others and the flow of your feelings and creative expression. It vibrates with the energy of the color orange.

You may recognize some of these emotional or mental health issues commonly associated with the Sacral Chakra – sexual frigidity or promiscuity, confusion or addiction, co-dependency, being overly emotional or stoic, or feeling guilty.

Physical health issues include gynecological problems, urinary tract problems, stiffness or pain in the lower back.

Have food cravings? Body weight issues and sugar/carbohydrate cravings are commonly associated with this chakra. Cravings can result from unfelt or unexpressed emotions, as well as to the common condition candidiasis, better known as a yeast infection, also associated with this chakra. An overgrowth of yeast can often follow a course of antibiotics or birth control pills and can be centered just in the area of the Sacral Chakra (the female sex organs) or move systemically throughout the body. When you have this condition, you’ll feel like you have a gremlin inside that needs to be fed, you’ll feel tired, and lacking in passion for love and life in general.

When the Sacral Chakra is balanced, you’ll feel confident in social interactions, free to process your emotions, feel creative, and able to enjoy sex and other pleasurable activities, like a holiday feast, without guilt.

Foods, especially those that share colors with the chakras, carry vibrations that can activate or balance your chakras.

Sacral Chakra Healing Foods:

If you want to balance your Sacral Chakra, and reduce cravings that lead to overeating, replace processed foods and snacks that tend to be addictive, especially as most are loaded with sugar, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.  Instead, focus on filling, nutritious yet naturally sweet orange-colored snacks and organic whole foods, ranging from raw carrots and peppers (use them to dip in hummus or plain tahini) to yams and winter squash such as kabocha or pumpkin. Foods that are high in protein and essential fatty acids and help balance the Sacral Chakra include flax, hemp and sesame seeds, wild-caught salmon, tuna and shellfish. Fruits include oranges, peaches, apricots, mangoes and papayas.

Foods that are orange usually contain phytonutrients and Vitamin A, helping release toxins from the body, supporting the reproductive system and encouraging flow (creativity) on all levels.

Sacral Chakra Healing Activities: Swimming, dancing and healthy home cooking are all activities I recommend for Sacral Chakra balancing AND getting you back in the flow and to your ideal weight.

The Sacral Chakra is connected to the element of water and its flowing state. While the Root Chakra is all about grounding to Mother Earth, the Sacral Chakra is about reaching out to others in physical movement. Let go and let yourself splash around in the pool/ocean or move on the dance floor to your favorite music or with your favorite person. Let go and engage in pleasure and passion.

Tis the season for holiday feasts, and cooking whole foods can also increase your creativity – plan a colorful meal made with loving attention to healthy ingredients. Appreciate the beauty of the dishes you have created, breathe in their aroma, and chew them fully to savor their natural sweetness and assist in digestion. In truth, this is more satisfying than mindlessly stuffing down food to quench your pleasure center.

My Favorite Sweet Squash Pie: Sugar-, Dairy- and Gluten-Free

I find pies made with winter squashes such as kabocha, buttercup or butternut to be naturally much sweeter than pumpkin. My favorite is a very simple recipe learned during my training as a macrobiotic cook.

Squash Pie Filling: First cut the squash in quarters, seed it and either bake or steam until soft. Peel and mash 3 cups of the bright orange flesh. Dissolve 2 T. of kuzu or arrowroot in ½ cup cold water, then heat to thicken, stirring vigorously to prevent lumps. Puree the squash with the kuzu, 2-4 T. of maple syrup, and 1 tsp. of cinnamon and/or other desired spices such as nutmeg or cloves.

Nutty Oat Crust: You’ll need 1 1/3 cups oat flour (whiz rolled oats in the blender) and 2/3 cups brown rice flour. You can roast the flours to bring out their nutty taste by stirring in a skillet (cast iron ones work well). Mix in ¼ tsp. sea salt, ¼ cup chopped walnuts, 2 T. sesame or coconut oil with a fork, then add ½ to ¾ cup water (just enough to hold it together). Spread into a pie plate, then bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees, then add the squash filling and bake for 25 minutes more. Cool and enjoy!

Please share your favorite recipe for Sacral Chakra balancing – it may be included in my upcoming book THE CHAKRA DIET!


Becca Chopra, author of Chakra Secrets, The Chakra Diaries and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life



The Chakra Diet – to Balance Your Root Chakra and Lose Weight Too!


Located at the base of your spine, the first chakra, the Root Chakra, is the very foundation of our identity, so it’s always wise to start your Chakra Diet with attention there. This chakra is associated with basic survival and security in the world, groundedness, trust and boundaries.

Body weight issues are commonly associated with the Root Chakra. When the Root Chakra is balanced, you feel strong and supported, safe, grounded, and peaceful… no reason to reach for comfort food when you’re not hungry.

Foods, especially that share colors with the chakras, carry vibrations that can activate or balance your chakras.

Root Chakra Healing Foods: Animal protein, root vegetables, edible and medicinal mushrooms, and red-colored foods (beets, apples, pomegranates, etc.) nourish the root chakra, and will help balance it.

Root Chakra Healing Activities: Gardening is the #1 activity I recommend for Root Chakra grounding AND for weight loss. The University of Utah did a study that agreed, showing that burying your hands in the earth can help you bury excess pounds as well. The researchers found that the average body mass index (BMI) of female gardeners was 1.84 lower than that of their non-gardening neighbors, or approximately 10 pounds less for a woman 5’ 5” tall. For men, the difference was even greater, so bend down and dig in the soil, guys. Male gardeners had an average BMI difference of 2.36, which translates to 16 lbs. less for a 5’ 10” physique.

These research results, reported in the American Journal of Public Health, showed that spouses of the gardeners also had lower BMIs, which was attributed to eating more fresh produce and possibly helping with pulling weeds and other gardening activities.

When we balance our chakras, we craft our lives the way we want them to be, rather than living in constant reaction to forces outside of us. These spirals of energy are wheels that heal, feeding the body good energy and profoundly affecting our metabolism, as well as emotions, sensations and behaviors. The way we handle stress depends on our chakra balance… and we can eat our way into balance with healthy whole foods (unhealthy processed foods just cause the body more stress).

Two of my favorite recipes for the Root Chakra are for Borscht (beet soup), Turkey and Bean Chili. Get a complete list of foods, recipes, yoga poses, and meditations for each chakra… in The Chakra Energy Diet, available now on Amazon Kindle.


Becca Chopra, author of Chakra Secrets, The Chakra Diaries and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life


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