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“Keys to the Spirit World” simplifies the process of communicating with your spirit guides, who are always there to help you navigate your path through the physical world.

This book helps you use all the spiritual tools and gifts you were born with, but most likely forgot. As a child, you may have heard your spirit guide(s) through your “inner ear,” but blocked them out as you grew older and more conditioned by society’s rules of what is reality and what isn’t. This book is a breath of fresh air, saying “Yes, you can take guidance from your dreams, inner and outer voices, thoughts, and visualizations.” Plus, O’Neill offers guidance on how to relax and allow communication with your spirit guides to happen. She even includes exercises to help you tear down the walls to spirit communication.

I especially liked the section on chakras and their correlation to spirit communications. O’Neill explains how chakras, our energetic centers, allow information to be received from the spiritual realm and incorporated into the physical body. She takes you one by one through the chakras, with special emphasis on the Heart Chakra, which is elevated and expanded through higher consciousness, the Throat Chakra, used for channeling information during spirit communications, and the Third Eye Chakra, which opens you to clairvoyance and clear seeing.

The author shares some of her own experiences as a child growing up with psychic abilities and the sensations she felt in these chakra areas before she understood their relationship to the spiritual realm.

And she offers 10 Tips for Working with your Spirit Guides, invaluable for anyone who wants to have a stronger connection to spirit and accept guidance on their path.

Have you tried automatic writing, dream journaling or spirit guide meditation? O’Neill offers advice on how to use these tools to connect with your spirit guides. She ends her short yet very comprehensive giude with common blocks to spirit communication and how to solve them.

Communicating with Spirit Guides is immensely valuable – this book gives you the tools you need to take advantage of what is offered to each and every one of us from the spiritual realm.
Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

Macrobiotic View of the Chakras

I love this explanation of how the energies of spirit and earth, yin and yang, combine to energize our chakras, from macrobiotic teacher Bob Carr:

“Cosmic energy is constantly streaming toward the earth from innumerable stars and galaxies. This yang, downward and inward streaming energy, which can be called heaven’s force, enters the human body through the Crown Chakra and flows down the spiritual channel running vertically through our body. At the same time, energy generated from the spin of the earth enters our body at the Root Chakra, at the base of the spine, and flows upward and outward through the same spiritual channel. This yin energy is referred to as earth’s force.

“These two vertical streams of electromagnetic energy collide and spiral at points on this channel known as chakras (from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel). From here they flow out through our meridiens and ultimately charge and vitalize all the organs, tissues and cells of the body.”

I love when two healing modalities blend. Macrobiotic counselor Bob Carr goes on the say that chewing (at least 50 bites per mouthful) highly charges the food being chewed with mineral-rich saliva. Our physical and electromagnetic energy body becomes activated and energized, bringing healing and a sense of well-being.

Macrobiotic principles of eating and living are wonderful in helping create and maintain balance in our bodies. It’s wonderful to hear that the recommended way of chewing our food, until it’s liquid, is also a powerful method of balancing our spiritual chakras.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries


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