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Feeling Too Little or Too Much Sexual Desire?

If you’ve lost all interest in sex or, at the other extreme, need to attend sexaholics anonymous, you might want to consider the balance of your chakras.

The first or Root Chakra is linked to safety and security, and sexual function in men – the penis is governed by the Root Chakra, which deals with basic instincts. This chakra is situated at the base of the spine, and its color is red. Its main function is to keep us grounded and alive and is associated with physical sensation.

In women, their genitalia are in the sacral area, and the second or Sacral Chakra governs their love, passion, sexuality and creativity. This chakra is found in the pelvic area below the navel. Its color is orange and its main function is related to procreation and the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure and emotion.

If your energy is stuck at the Sacral Chakra, your sex and your love life will be stuck as well. Accumulated stress in the body, whether emotional or physical, erects barriers to the natural flow of our life energy. So, too much stress may equal no love or even any prospects for it.

Using yoga to balance the Sacral Chakra, you can practice the cobbler’s pose to encourage life energy to flow throughout the pelvic area. Swimming, dancing, meditation and anything that encourages pleasure will also stimulate the Sacral Chakra, which is associated with the element of water, and the ebbing and flowing of bodily fluids, like the tides.

If you’re a sex addict, your energy may be swirling out of control in the Root or Sacral Chakra, causing havoc in your life. A lack of balance in these two chakras can be caused by a need for attention and nurturing that is never enough. Sometimes, we learn to resort to unusual ways of getting what we need. The sex addict is seeking attention in an unhealthy, distorted and possibly destructive way.

We all need love, nurturing and support, but need to find it first within ourselves with a healthy, balanced Root Chakra. After we develop a sense of self, we can continue at the Sacral Chakra to find our place within a healthy relationship.

To balance your chakras, starting at the Root Chakra, try this guided visualization from The Chakra Diaries: Chakra Meditation.

For more information, please go to http://www.TheChakras.org or contact Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries and holistic counselor at Becca@TheChakras.org.

Hear me Roar – I am your healed Throat Chakra – Step #5

When I am balanced I sing out your love and praises for your partner, your world, your god(s) and goddess(es). If used unwisely to hurt, slander or hurl bitter words. I am no longer useful to send or receive fluent communication. Instead I create discomfort and dis-ease in the ears, nose, throat and lungs and promote sluggishness in thought, word and deed.

Know this; although your body may subsist about 12 days without water or 56 days without food, more than 3 minutes without air will probably snuff out all of life’s energy and I will go away permanently. Why heal me? You allow me to express your higher wisdom to others and to illuminate your past, present and future.
Please stop by tomorrow and read my suggestions for healing an unbalanced Throat Chakra.
Namaste! Becca

Romancing the Glow – Harnessing your Sexual Urges

Dear Becca,

I suffered through the holidays with all of its gaiety and gatherings of smiling couples vibrating with love, flush with brandy, eggnog and champagne and behind-the-scenes flirtation. I too felt a glow yet mine was an emptiness, a space to be filled – in my chest, between my ears and yes, even between my legs too. True, my body pillow doesn’t snore or leave wet spots or drink milk from the carton but I am more than ready for my Shakti to rise up to meet her Shiva and to take him for a twirl, everyday hopefully. Your book, The Chakra Diaries made me so hot between the covers. At least some of your participants must have liberated their kundalini energy to surge up through their chakras to their Crown.
Can you give me some suggestions on how to transform my earthly, sexual urges into a vibration that weakens my knees as no man has?

Elusive Ecstasy

Dear E E,

Thanks so much for writing. Stay tuned for my answer.
Namaste. Becca

Undercover Romance – A Great Love Life Starts Here

Dear Becca,

I feel odd writing you on this subject but I noticed that you were taking a journey to meaningful love, so here goes…

My fiancee (let’s call him Rhett) and I need to buy a new bed as the old one is as lumpy as yesterday’s mashed potatoes. Not sleeping well causes us to growl at each other from shower to cereal to parting kiss. Add to the mix the fact that we go to sleep at different times. Rhett is usually asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow while I read and re-read the fascinating tales in The Chakra Diaries. Many times I get hot under the covers in more ways than one and squirm around a bit (well, sometimes a lot), which wakes up Rhett, who then wants to watch SportsCenter to see if Atlanta will rise from the ashes. Becca, I want to be the only one scoring in my bedroom and so far I am batting zero, I have got to cure these “bad bed” hangovers.

I know the current rage is to buy a bed the size of Texas yet I am a romantic who feasts on Austen as well as Sparks and Crusie and I want my love to flourish in a small bed, hell, even because of a small bed. I want Rhett to carry me up those long, winding stairs (okay so we live in a brownstone and not on the set of Tara but a girl can dream can’t she?), and to give a damn about painting my cheeks with a blush of come hither and night-blooming satisfaction.

I read a quote “When love is strong, a man and woman can make their bed on the edge of a sword.”

Please help me Becca. I want to live on the edge of that sword, to know that love can cut very deeply but that it also can salve ills you didn’t even know you had. I know Rhett (secretly) reads your blog everyday on his Droid (he loved your book after I twisted his arm to give it a try), so sign me Frustrated but Hopeful in Soho.

Dear Frustrated:
Watch for my suggestions tomorrow along with advice from my other readers….

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