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How Balanced Chakras Aid Manifestation of your Goals

I’ve had many questions regarding “The Secret” to manifesting your goals, as I mention it in “The Chakra Diaries.” Having your chakras in balance, and being in a place of positive energy, will help you keep your focus on your goals, and help you energize your manifestations.

I’m reading a unique book on the chakra system, called Chakramid(TM) Rainbow Eyes, in which Mary Jo Shaffer expands on this theory of manifestation:

The Crown Chakra “is where the physical meets the infinite for the purpose of manifestation or creation in your world,” she writes. “All physical creation is first a thought… it then descends to the 1st Chakra. The seed is deposited in fertile ground, so to speak, and blooms into physical manifestation.

“How quickly something manifests depends upon the alignment of all of the Chakras; in other words, how balanced the thinker is.”

It is in the 2nd Chakra, writes Shaffer, where “emotion speeds up the manifesting process of bringing thoughts into being.”

She agrees that the growth of a manifesting thought can get stuck in one level or another until the person balances that area.

Try the Chakra Meditation at http://www.thechakras.org — download it and listen to it at your convenience, whenever you need to energize a goal, or simply to achieve balance in all areas of your life.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries


Positive Affirmations Can Help Manifest Your Dreams

As a daily tune-up to stay positive and goal-oriented on your way to manifest your dreams, say each of these affirmations while you move through your day. Say them aloud and in your mind until you can feel the reality of them in your body. Come back to them every day, for as long as you like:

“I free my natural genius to create my magnificent life.
I commit to becoming aware of the unconscious patterns that limit me.
I discover the essential questions of my magnificent life.
Blessings flow in the parts of my life I used to complain about.
With ease, I turn all my heart’s desires into reality.
I love as much as I can, wherever I happen to be.
I wonder about all the things I used to worry about.
Life flows easefully as I speak honestly and keep my agreements
I look for things to appreciate wherever I go, and I speak my
appreciation liberally.”

When you are grounded and self-confident, it’s easy to manifest more wonderful things in your life. So, listen to the free Chakra Meditation at http://www.thechakras.org on a regular basis and see the difference positive affirmations and visualizations can create in your life.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries


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