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Do you want to learn special yoga poses and mind-body exercises that can be used to balance each of the seven chakras? In CHAKRA SECRETS, you can follow Rebecca, the workshop leader from The Chakra Diaries, as she tells her side of the story, including explosions of past lives, betrayals, loss, grief and guilt, on her path to becoming a yoga teacher and chakra healer.


I learned an exciting, simple-yet-profound energy healing tool from Serge Kahili King, PhD, founder of the Huna group, Aloha International. Dynamind was like a simplified version of the Energy Freedom Technique (EFT) and it did have similarities to it, Dr. King said. “But in Huna, we try to make things as simple as possible, as effective as possible, so we’ve combined the power of words, breath, movement and feeling into one mind-body healing technique.”

Dynamind can be used to heal a wide range of physical dis-ease, it was explained. You simply stated out loud what you wanted to change – the  problem, pain or discomfort – and tapped, breathed and felt it go away.

Dr. King advised asking yourself what emotion was a problem, where you felt that emotion in the body, and then work on changing that physical sensation to let the healing energy of the body once again flow freely. All emotion manifests within the body with some physical ‘feeling.’ Just as chakra imbalances can manifest in uncomfortable physical and emotional problems.

IF YOU’D LIKE TO LEARN HOW TO USE DYNAMIND, GO TO http://www.thechakras.org/chakra-secrets.html

Instant Pain Relief for your Lower Back

When I injured my lower back in a skiing accident, I was pleasantly surprised that most of my physical therapist’­s suggestion­s were yoga stretches. I was able to take it from there and carefully, after a month, return to my full daily yoga routine. But even after healing, I like many others, feel pain in the injured area when under stress (when I breathe in perfume or other chemicals, which causes inflammati­on in my body) or when angry (see Dr. Sarno’s book, Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection­). Pain specialist­s have also just done studies showing that the brain can become habituated to feeling pain, even after an injury has healed.

So, once again, I have to suggest mind-body healing techniques first, to retrain the subconscio­us, before undergoing more drastic medical interventi­on.

My favorite “instant” healing technique is DYNAMIND, taught by Serge Kahili King, PhD, an expert in Huna healing and Hawaiian shamanism.

How does it work? You hold your hands in a prayer position in front of your solar plexus chakra, or navel area, say what you’re feeling, e.g., “I feel stabbing pain in my lower back and I know that can change. I want that pain to go away.” Then tap seven times on the center of your chest above your thymus gland, then seven times on the web between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, then seven times on your neck at the knob where it meets your back. Then, with hands back in prayer position, take a deep breath in from the top of your head and let it out the bottom of your feet.

This technique uses words, motion, breath, acupuncture points, affirmations,  etc., to change your subconscious belief that your pain can’t change. If one round focusing on the physical pain doesn’t provide relief, work to change the emotions associated with the pain. For instance, say “I feel anger in my lower back and I know that can change. I want the anger to go away.”

For a free explanation and instructional booklet on Dynamind, see http://www.huna.org.
Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

Excerpts from Becca Chopra’s interview on YogalifeJourney.com

Leading Chakra Workshops came out of my work doing Yoga Health Retreats in Hawaii, starting 10 years ago. At the end of every yoga class, we would finish with a chakra meditation. Often, after class, my students would want to discuss specific problems in their lives that were clearly related to one chakra or another. So, in addition to using chakra meditations in my yoga classes, I decided to try 8-week chakra workshops for local students. Each week, we would focus on balancing one of the chakras, starting with the root chakra, using guided visualizations, yoga poses, toning, color therapy and crystal healing. The final week would be an integrative, sharing session.

During the last year I have concentrated not on teaching, but on my writing, both as a novelist with The Chakra Diaries and as a journalist on holistic health issues. The best part about my yoga practice is that it gives me a reservoir of calm and strength from which to face the tight deadlines and stresses of my day. I have been known to walk away from my computer to do yoga poses to stretch and relax, and usually my coworkers follow me to join in. Once, during a long plane ride, while waiting in a never-ending line for the rest room, I began doing a few standing poses. The two businessmen behind me asked what I was doing and if I could show them how to do the poses also. It turned into an informal yoga class in the aisle of United Airlines. In teaching, whether in a formal class or a funny moment like on the plane, I love sharing what I have learned. I believe we’re all wounded healers on this earth, here to help each other.
To read the entire interview click here.

How to Tap into the Unlimited Healing Powers of your Body

Becca, is there some lesson I need to learn before I can heal?
Frustrated in San Francisco

Dear Frustrated:
Pain and illness may be your body’s wake-up call that it is overstressed by poor diet and lifestyle, or by exposure to toxins, negative emotions or limiting beliefs. If you listen to the body’s first signals and make a change, you can recover more quickly than if you wait for a knock-out punch of serious or chronic illness.

“People change and heal when they have learned the lesson that the illness was trying to teach,” explained holistic counseling teacher Amara Karuna. “Pain and disease are always calls for attention from the body and soul. They are like flags showing where energy is stuck and blocked, and in need of loving and help.”

Making the decision to take responsibility for our own suffering and making the changes needed in our lives is the first step, according to Karuna. “It is essential to understand that no matter how the pain got there, we are the only ones who can really take care of ourselves,” she said. “Don’t wait for someone else to love and care for you. Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you. Also, reach out for support and help from others.”

“The mind-body system has almost unlimited self repair capabilities and any positive physical, emotional, and mental behavior will enhance a person’s self healing abilities,” said Serge Kahili King, PhD, Huna philosopher, teacher and author.

I encourage you to try stress reduction through yoga, meditation, chakra balancing… whatever works for you. And use your intuition to guide you to the right person to help you move toward positive change in your health and in your life.

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