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This blog is written by our guest, A’ra Blair, author of Communing With the Infinite, a Path of Awakening Awareness, and soon-to-be-released, “Sacred Sexuality, Reclaiming the Divine Feminine.” When not writing, she offers her services as a spiritual counselor, Life Balance Mastery coach, and holistic nurse. You can view other support services offered through her business at www.Pure Awareness Pathways.com.

How would you like to have a continual open channel to the Divine? An information source that provides guidance and direction for every aspect of your life? If you said yes, you’re in luck. You already do. Your connection to Infinite Intelligence runs through your body as energy. This energetic source equips you with all that you need to unfold a life that celebrates all that you are. Each energy center or chakra has a different role to play in this communication process. The highest of your energy centers is located a few inches above your head. It sits there like a crown of royalty. Its vibrant purple color radiates out in all directions connecting you with ALL that there is.

The jewel of this crown, also known as the great I AM, is your personal identification with Infinite Intelligence. It’s the truth of your being. When you tap into cosmic consciousness, you open to an intuitive voice that is Infinite Intelligence. It guides your life. It unfolds your brilliance. It creates your journey. If you know how to listen and act on this guidance, it provides all that you need to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise. Trust is one of the keys.

Learning how to trust this intuitive voice is your greatest mission. It’s the journey back to center, back to that place within that knows no separation, back to Pure Awareness.

“This journey is the only work you’ll ever have to do.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

By accessing the crown chakra, you’ll feel a sense of spiritual direction, vitality, and passion flourish within you. A sense of unity returns when you allow this chakra to fully blossom and energize all your life experiences.

Empathy is another key to unlocking this chakra’s gifts. Really feel into the woes of this world. Not from a place of judgment or criticism or even sadness, but from a place of profound expectation for good. First, this takes you out of your own struggles. Second, it aligns your neuro-network with Infinite possibilities. This type of service to humanity is your YES to the Divine to be used as a conduit to transform tragedy into peace, discord into harmony and love. This requires a devotion and dedication to daily practices that allow you to Commune with the Infinite on a continual basis.

Daily practices energize you by bringing you back to your spiritual center. They move you down the path toward enlightenment and allow you to bask in the fullness of life in this human experience. Daily practices bring your awareness to a Power greater than any struggle. This Power is capable of transforming any lack or limitation into plenty. The following meditation is a taste of what can happen when you spend time Communing with the Infinite.


An excerpt from Communing With the Infinite, a Path of Awakening Awareness:

Visualize a white or golden light above your head. Connect with the light. Let it drip down into your body, igniting each energy center’s brilliant color. Feel the rich purple color of your crown light up. As this light continues down your body, feel the energy of deep indigo at your brow, beautiful blue at your throat, emerald green at your heart, bright yellow at your solar plexus, vibrant orange at your sacral, and rich red at your root… As they blend into a rainbow of energy, feel the energy completely envelop your body. Allow yourself to relax into the warmth of the vibration you’re creating in this sacred union with your Divinity….

Bring your awareness to your senses and feel, smell, and hear all that is around you. Notice your thoughts, but let them go… Expand out beyond your body, through your crown, beyond your thoughts, into the vastness that surrounds you… Fill that vastness with your rainbow radiance. Move deeper into the vastness, ever aware of a sense of peace, potential, and possibility.

Go deeper into the spaciousness of this vast Pure Awareness… Deeper still… Deep enough to move you beyond the human realm into the cosmic connection to the ALL. Breathe deeply, letting go more with each breath. Relax your shoulders, your jaw, your hips and temple…

Ask for guidance on how to fully trust your intuition… Ask how to remain open to your Divinity in each experience… As you breathe into these questions, bring your focus inward… Feel into your inherent Divine connection…

When you feel complete, bring your awareness back to this present moment, this present space and time. Open to living in the wonder of uncertainty.

As you move into your day, allow Infinite Intelligence to expand your awareness and bring you answers to your questions. May your life continue to blossom the fullness of your Divinity.


For more in information on A’ra Blair’s writings, services, and workshops, visit Pure Awareness Pathways at http://www.pureawarenesspathways.com/

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mara_earthlight/3486938936/

Thanks to A’ra. Namaste!
Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

Breathing to Ecstasy – Use your Inner Flute to Empower you and your Partner

Proper breathing can help open channels in your body that will fuel and cleanse. By cycling this renewing energy into your partner, you may empower his or her as well as your union.

When you practice the following, picture your breath whirring past your spinning chakras, much like puffs of March wind power a child’s pin wheel.

If you have had one of those proverbial “hard days” or maybe would just like to prepare your body for lovemaking (either solitary or alone); sit or lie comfortably and inhale into your lower belly until it pooches out like Buddha’s. Do not worry how it may look – do it in the nude after your bubble bath, in your favorite nightie, with your sweetie at your side or painted in rainbow technicolor in your mind’s eye. To deeply connect to deep relaxation and to set your chakras whirring. press your inflated belly against your partner’s, squirm and mold yourself together or do it back to back. WARNING: the effects of this exercise can be profound, addictive and worthy of diary entry.

Namaste! Becca
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