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Zb) Smelling ChocolateIf you’ve received chocolate in your Easter basket, or have a craving for it at any time (and who doesn’t?) here’s a way to use it as a healing tool.

I hope you enjoy this Chocolate Meditation from shaman, Stewart Blackburn, author of The Skills of Pleasure.

Take a small piece of the chocolate, hold it in your hands and give thanks for it. Feel its shape and texture. Then smell it. Take your time and get as much sensory information from it as you can without putting it into your mouth. Note how you feel in anticipation of eating this chocolate.

Let each breath help you to relax into this experience. This about being as thoroughly in your body as you can, present to all you perceive.

With great consciousness and flair, put the chocolate into your mouth and focus your full attention on the sensations you experience in your mouth. Feel it melt and move around in your mouth. Be aware of the sweetness on your tongue, the creaminess in your mouth, and all of the delicious flavors present. Prolong the experience as much as you can while being aware of how it makes you feel emotionally. See how deeply you can enjoy this chocolate, from savoring just one small piece.

Chocolate, unless you’re a sugar addict (which is more common than you might think) can help revive a brain taxed by overthinking or overuse of psychic skills. To enjoy chocolate in a healthy way that balances your Third Eye Chakra, choose organic 70% cacao dark chocolate and savor a small piece, chewing it slowly and consciously, for best effect.

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