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In this time of global financial insecurity, many are feeling unsafe and frightened. But it’s possible to get to a place of gratitude for what we have that will attract more and more abundance of all kinds into our lives.

Earth energies are also in a period of change and affecting our chakra systems or energy centers. And it’s time to move our thoughts regarding abundance from the Root Chakra’s “survival” mode around money and connect it to the Heart Chakra’s mode of love and gratitude. The more we receive and appreciate abundance (whether in the form of money, love or health), the more we can contribute back to the world.

Open your Heart Chakra to abundance with this quick visualization — after centering yourself with several deep breaths, visualize the energy of the universe pouring into your heart as you open your arms to receive it. See that energy travel down to the 1st Chakra, where there are roots grounding you into Mother Earth.

At this time of shifting earth energies, it’s also a good daily exercise to balance all your chakras with a short healing meditation – see my free Chakra Meditation at http:www.thechakras.org .

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

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