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Deep breathing is my favorite antidote to stress. I do two-part breathing – first into the belly and then into the lungs and out again – before meditation, during the day during stressful situations, and definitely when at the dentist’s office.

I am also a fan of Piko-piko breathing, used in the Hawaiian healing tradition. It is not only a stress reliever but a great aid in relieving pain as well.

Breathe in with your attention on your navel and breathe out with your attention on any part of your body that is in pain. Your imagination will help move healing energy along with your breath.

Make these deep breaths, moving your belly up and down (deep abdominal breathing oxygenates and relaxes your whole body). In another variation of Piko Piko, breathe in healing energy from the sky above and send any heavy energy with your breath out your feet to the center of the earth. You’ll be moving healing energy through the body, energizing your chakras and unblocking tension so your body can move into balance.

This is a perfect breathing exercise that takes less than a minute, can be done anytime, anywhere you need to relax, and is especially perfect before sitting down to meditate.

Deep breathing is one of the stress-releasing techniques used in the Dynamind Technique, which I learned in Hawaii from Serge Kahili King, PhD, a Hawaiian shaman and healer. It can be used to work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-ease. Get a free preview at www.thechakras.org.

For your free MP3 of my complete 10-minute Chakra Meditation, breathing into each chakra center and energizing it, click here.


Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries


Breathing to Ecstasy – Use your Inner Flute to Empower you and your Partner

Proper breathing can help open channels in your body that will fuel and cleanse. By cycling this renewing energy into your partner, you may empower his or her as well as your union.

When you practice the following, picture your breath whirring past your spinning chakras, much like puffs of March wind power a child’s pin wheel.

If you have had one of those proverbial “hard days” or maybe would just like to prepare your body for lovemaking (either solitary or alone); sit or lie comfortably and inhale into your lower belly until it pooches out like Buddha’s. Do not worry how it may look – do it in the nude after your bubble bath, in your favorite nightie, with your sweetie at your side or painted in rainbow technicolor in your mind’s eye. To deeply connect to deep relaxation and to set your chakras whirring. press your inflated belly against your partner’s, squirm and mold yourself together or do it back to back. WARNING: the effects of this exercise can be profound, addictive and worthy of diary entry.

Namaste! Becca
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Hear me Roar – I am your healed Throat Chakra – Step #5

When I am balanced I sing out your love and praises for your partner, your world, your god(s) and goddess(es). If used unwisely to hurt, slander or hurl bitter words. I am no longer useful to send or receive fluent communication. Instead I create discomfort and dis-ease in the ears, nose, throat and lungs and promote sluggishness in thought, word and deed.

Know this; although your body may subsist about 12 days without water or 56 days without food, more than 3 minutes without air will probably snuff out all of life’s energy and I will go away permanently. Why heal me? You allow me to express your higher wisdom to others and to illuminate your past, present and future.
Please stop by tomorrow and read my suggestions for healing an unbalanced Throat Chakra.
Namaste! Becca

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