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#Yoga Pose to Re-engage with #Joy

The Circle of Joy Breath Integrates Body, Mind and Spirit:

This sequence opens the heart chakra, which is the bridge between our lower chakras and physical self, and our higher chakras that tune into our mind and spirit. As the bridge from the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras that are associated with the physical body, to the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, associated with mind and spirit, the Heart Chakra is the gateway to higher consciousness.

The Heart Chakra needs to be nourished if we are to remain physically strong, capable of giving and receiving love and able to develop spirituality. The Circle of Joy Breath will calm your emotions and prepare you for deeper visualization and meditation.

This can be done either standing or sitting. First, place your palms together at your heart.

Circle 2

Inhale, interlacing your fingers.

Exhale, press your palms forward and outward, stretching through your shoulders.




Inhale, and circle your hands upward, extending your palms up to the sky and lengthening your spine.

Affirmation: “I am encircled with joy and light to share with the world.”



Circle 3

Exhale, releasing your hands and circle them down behind your back.

Inhale, interlace your fingers again and raise the arms backward and upward, opening your chest.



Circle 2


Exhale, releasing your hands and circle them back in front, clasping the palms and stretching them forward.



CIRCLE 1 and 6


Inhale, bringing your palms back together at the heart.



Now relax in the seated lotus position or lie down in Savasana. This is a good time to do a Chakra meditation or guided visualization. Listen to my FREE guided meditation at TheChakras.org.

For more ways to nourish all the chakras, download The Chakra Energy Diet, now available on Amazon Kindle.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets, and Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life


Too Much Work To Do? Think Vacation!

“Treat every day like it’s the day before vacation, and you will get more work done!” ~ Zig Ziglar

Have a deadline facing you? Or just procrastinating on writing or reading a book, doing your taxes (I filed an extension, did you?) or setting up your new website?

Follow these tips to help you treat every day like you are leaving on vacation tomorrow:

  • Be organized. Make a list. Be organized in your work and in your life, as if you were leaving on a jet plane tomorrow! Make a checklist of everything you’ve got to get done today — then see exactly where you can fit in your most important tasks.
  • Delegate. When you go on vacation, you probably leave other people in charge of things, like taking care of your pet or getting your mail. What time-consuming, non-work activities are you doing that you can delegate to someone else, a family member or an intern or colleague that could help you with things like research, website updates and other business tasks?
  • Let the unimportant stuff slide. Don’t get sidetracked cleaning out the garage, shopping for a new swimsuit for your vacation – turn the 80/20 rule around (that 20% of your efforts will bring you 80% of your reward). Spend 80% of your time on the 20% of your activities that will bring you success.
  • Do the hard stuff first. Face the stuff you don’t enjoy first – paying bills, editing your book, writing a report, reading a tutorial, for instance. Then, you can get to the more fun, creative work you love, for instance, writing a book or designing a new product.
  • Unplug. It’s a good idea to unplug appliances when you leave for vacation and an even better idea to unplug from social media and your phone during scheduled work time.  Complete your daily work goals before checking emails, returning phone calls and blogging.
  • Get serious. Make a commitment to tackle your daily to-do list. If you were really coming to visit me in Hawaii the next day and wouldn’t be back for a week, you’d have to get it done, right?
  • Meditate. Seriously, taking a 10-minute break to meditate will reduce stress, sharpen your cognitive skills and still your chattering mind to let inspiration flow in. To download a FREE 10-minute Chakra Meditation that will do the trick, go to www.http://www.thechakras.org/meditations.html.

Check your to-do list to make sure it’s doable, prioritize, delegate, and keep in mind the goal of lying in the hammock out in the sun after your work’s done.

When you do, you’ll not only get more done in a shorter amount of time, but you’ll also experience less stress and find yourself with more free time to do the things you want.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries




The winner of the 2011 Hawaii Sweepstakes from TheChakras.org posted the following comments on the Hale Haumea site, and answered a few questions about the chakra work she did while here, focusing on the Sacral Chakra and “going with the flow:”

I won a week-long stay at Hale Haumea through TheChakra.org’s 2011 Hawaii Sweepstakes. Wow – we never expected the trip to be so exciting! Lava started flowing again into the ocean just prior to our arrival (Pele had taken a break for several months and Kilauea Volcano was not spewing lava down the mountain). We were taken on a guided hike at sunset and between the flow of the lava creating fireworks and the billions of stars above us, it was breathtaking. The days were also wonderful, from swimming on a black-sand beach with others brave enough to go bare, to snorkeling in a warm pond with two large and one baby turtle, to meeting the author of The Chakra Diaries for a yoga class at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center, just a mile away. I’m hoping to enter and win again this year, as we didn’t have enough time to see all the sights we wanted to – like Waipio Valley, but we were able to see three fabulous waterfalls in the Hilo area, so the falls at Waipio are something to look forward to. My husband loved the aqua massage he got from the owner’s friend (at a great discount) and I loved my lomi massage – my skin is still soft from the coconut oil. The cottage had everything we needed to feel comfortable and right at home, but the people we met probably made the trip for us – from the owner and her friends, they made sure we didn’t miss one special site or event happening nearby.

Meeting Becca and doing some chakra balancing work was a real eye-opener. Of all the chakracters in The Chakra Diaires, I most identified with Debra, and when Becca checked my chakras with a crystal pendulum, my Sacral Chakra was also imbalanced. I’ve been wanting more flow and creativity in my life, and the chakra balancing work, including swimming every day in the beautiful warm pond, made me feel strong and balanced in the 2nd chakra again.
Mahalo, D. Stone

To enter the 2012 Hawaii Sweepstakes, in celebration of publication of Rebecca’s Version, sequel to The Chakra Diaries, go to www.thechakras.org.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaires

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