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Young people want to live in the future.

Older people want to live in the past.

Nobody wants to live in the present.

And where has joy placed itself?

Where has understanding placed itself?

 In the present.

Prem Rawat

Deep ThinkingUnderstanding all we have learned in life can be gelled into the present moment as you write your own memoir, as I did with Chakra Secrets.

If you have gone through life’s tough experiences and come out the other end with wisdom or inspiration to share, you may have a story to tell as well, and doing so can be cathartic to get your words out. Creativity is linked to the second or sacral chakra, which gets strengthened as you flow with the inspiration in your life. As you shout out your message to the world, even on paper, you’ll also be strengthening your throat chakra, which is linked to speaking your truth.

Writing a memoir can also get you into the “now” as you realize the past is over, and you’re in a new situation now.

Embrace today! Release yesterday!

~ Senica Evans

If you’re not up to writing a whole book, start by creating a title for your memoir. Would it announce your accomplishments, offer a way others could handle similar challenges, or simply tell the world where you started and where you’re headed?

Taking stock of what we’ve done in the past gives us a larger view, giving us the chance to really reflect on our lives, letting go and forgiving, and looking forward to using our new-found wisdom and freedom. You might even start to think about what you might do in the years ahead – and what the sequel’s title might be!


Start writing in your journal or sit at your computer, but just go for it. If you want to write a book for publication, perhaps join a writer’s group or take a workshop to hone your writing skills and get feedback.

Self-publishing an eBook or paperback has never been easier or more popular. To ensure your message gets presented in the best manner possible, be sure to invest in a good editor and book cover designer. I recommend my editors at www.IndieAuthorCounsel.com.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries, Chakra Secrets, and Balance your Chakras, Balance your Life



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  1. Yep, Becca, there’s nothing like the present. Also, as Nat King Cole was to have said, “Make the best of everything, ‘cuz when you are dead – life ain’t worth living.

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