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Is it easy for you to get your ideas heard? Are you in tune with what you really want? Do you feel a connection to divine inspiration? I learned Dynamind, an energy healing tool, from Serge Kahili King, PhD. Here, you can try it to strengthen your Throat Chakra, and be able to shout YES to the three questions above.


Located in the back of the throat area, the fifth chakra, the Throat Chakra, is the focal point of sound, communication and self-expression. This chakra center allows us to hear and understand information, express our inner truth and make ourselves heard. It vibrates with the energy of the color sky blue.

Emotional or mental health issues include criticism of the self or others, excessive talking or the inability to find the right words, shyness and frustration. Physical health issues commonly associated with the Throat Chakra include sore throats, upper respiratory illnesses, thyroid problems, stiff neck and stuttering.

When the Throat Chakra is balanced, you have confidence in your beliefs and the words to express them, the ability to hear and communicate well with others, and it allows the heart and the head to align.


1) FOCUS – Hold your hands out in a loose prayer-like position.

2) DECLARE – Say aloud the condition you’re feeling that you would like to change, e.g.,

“I feel nauseous knowing I have to give a speech and I know that can change. I want that feeling to go away.”

“I have an earache and I know that can change. I want that pain to go away.”

If you have no symptoms to release, you can use Dynamind to strengthen the Throat Chakra, with a declaration such as:

“I’m not as articulate as I want to be. I want to impact others with my knowledge, with a strong voice like the best of teachers.”

3) RELEASE – Tap 7 times on the center of your chest, then at the point between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and on the top bone of your spine (the 7th cervical vertebra).

4) BREATHE – Direct your breath, inhaling with your attention on the crown of your head, exhaling with your attention below your feet.

Repeat until you feel the desired result.

For a complete set of Dynamind instructions, click HERE to get a preview from my upcoming book, Chakra Secrets.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries



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