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Becca, I’ve done nothing but argue with my partner, even after a romantic Valentine’s Day. Any advice?
Screaming Throat Chakra

Dear Screaming,
Of course, I believe in balancing your chakras so that you feel secure, compassionate, loving and in tune with your own feelings and those of others.

Another tool that is important is just LISTENING. The door to cooperation opens when everyone’s feelings and needs are understood, spoken and heard. But the key to opening that door is listening.

Practice listening to what other people actually mean (regardless of their words), and to express your desires in ways that are more likely to be heard and met. This happens when you are in touch with your feelings and needs and able to express them through an open Throat Chakra.

Try expressing your feelings and thoughts with honesty, even in the midst of uncomfortable emotions or conflict.

Listening empathically to yourself and others is the first skill to master, and Compassionate Communications (also known as Non-Violent Communications or NVC) can help.

NVC teaches to simply listen with our minds and hearts open to whatever is being shared and to say what we think we’re hearing. When you listen, understand and reflect back to a person the essence of what they said, they often can hear themselves more clearly and light up with relief and joy.

It’s also important to listen to your own inner self, because we’re not always aware of exactly what is going on inside of us. Underneath painful emotions, there is often some part of us that wants to be known. Listen to my guided Chakra Meditations to connect to your feelings and center yourself, then try expressing yourself and your needs in a calm and centered way.

For more info on NVC, see www.nonviolentcommunication.com. For courses and products you can access from your home or office computer, check out www.nvctraining.com.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries




  1. Thanks Becca. Your advice was very quenching to my very hoarse Throat Chakra.

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