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Whatever you’d like to see happen in your life in the year ahead, see it first in your mind’s eye. Creative visualization is a tool that is free, effective, and one of the best ways to work with your mind to create your reality.

If you’re experienced with visualizations or have a creative imagination, picture what you want in your life. Add positive affirmations, feelings and emotion, and watch the picture unfold in your real life.

If you need a helping hand to imagine your best possible future, there are numerous tools available — guided meditations. Look on Amazon.com or iTunes for just the right creative visualization tape for you, one that will take you on a journey toward improved health and wellbeing.

Unlike traveling with the physical body, costs associated with a meditative journey are nominal. In fact, guided visualizations are the most practical, easily accessible self-help tools available.

Whether you listen to a soothing voice through your iPod as you undergo a medical treatment, or you doze off after listening to a relaxing meditation, you’ll find that giving directions to your unconscious can greatly help you to relieve tension and pain, assist in healing, as well as inspire you to achieve your goals.

By using words and images to directly contact your subconscious mind, which is in charge of our habits and beliefs, guided visualizations open a window of opportunity to screen out any interference from the critical chatter of the conscious mind.

Imagery has long been considered a healing tool in virtually all of the world’s cultures, and is now being recognized by major medical centers as helpful in relief of pain and stress.

For a sample creative visualization, listen to my free Chakra Meditation at www.thechakras.org.


Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries



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  1. Thanks Becca and Happy New Year!


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