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If you’re encountering a flurry of undirected energy that is affecting balance in all areas of your life, the new consciousness era of 2012 is affecting our solar plexus chakras, according to renowned psychic, Jennifer O’Neill. Here is her take on what is happening.

“Well there are a couple of things involved here as we are now moving into a new consciousness era, 2012. That famous Mayan Calendar that everyone is talking about, you know the one where the world is coming to an end? Um….ya….not so much. What is coming to an end is the old consciousness era and the old way that you used to think about things. That era is definitely coming to an end.

You are becoming increasingly aware of your energetic body and your spiritual being. Whether it be on a conscious or unconscious level, either way you are going to experience some things physically as a result. One of the things I am noticing across the board is how it is affecting people’s 3rd chakra. Why would it be affecting everyone’s 3rd chakra at one time you may wonder. Well, when this chakra is affected, it can be as a result of experiencing a loss of power and control. Think back to what has been happening in the last few years. The real estate bubble began to burst, the stock market began to plummet, the US economy is down with loss of jobs, loss of houses, bailout money was printed, loss of benefits, cutbacks, loss, loss, loss…. There is an overall feeling of helplessness and that we have lost control of our power as a country. Hmmmm…..make sense? Well what happens when you feel that you have lost your power and that it has been taken away from you? You become “ungrounded.” When a flood of new energy comes into your system, like what is happening with the energy of 2012, and you are grounded, it can feel empowering and vitalizing. However, if this happens and you are “ungrounded,” you will feel a flurry of undirected energy.

Here are some examples of this: Many of the young adults and children are getting flooded with this new energy and feeling empowered and vitalized. They are in fact very “grounded” right now. You are seeing this with Occupy Wall Street and what happened in Egypt, they are finding their voice, they are finding their power across the globe. They are naturally flowing with this new energy as it is more closely matched with their system. If you are near 30 and up, however, the opposite is mostly true. We tend to be “ungrounded” right now, due to our current belief system and fears that we have been facing. Since we have been on this earth longer, our system has more adjusting to do, causing a longer adjustment period. This is reflected in the feeling of being unfocused and going in circles, usually something out of the ordinary.


Here are some easy steps that you can take, broken into two categories. The first one is for linear thinkers, people who like to think things through on a more practical level. The second category is for the more spiritually based thinkers. Now keep in mind that it is most effective if you just do all of these things, or at least some from each category.

Linear thinkers:

1) Learn more about the relationship between energy and money flow. Money is energy! Most well-known financial advisors like Suzie Orman and Rich Dad Poor Dad talk about money as an energy. This is why money is also referred to as currency.

2) Shift your perspective and take your power back. You are not a victim unless you allow yourself to be!

3) Prioritize what it is that is most important to you at this time of your life: getting bills paid, more freedom, more time, etc. Then create a list and focus on tackling the things at the top of your list first. Many people just feel like they have a barrel full of issues to deal with and no organization, so they have no idea where to start. When you have no organization, this leads to something that I like to call “mind clutter.” The problem with mind clutter is that it will leave you feeling really overwhelmed, and with no clear starting point, it’s just easier to put things off over and over again. Then your barrel gets really full and that can lead to major stress or anxiety

4) Prioritize your time and implement the 75/25 rule. Commit 75% of your free time focusing on yourself and 25% of your free time helping others. Why? Because most people commit more free time to helping others then they commit to making their own life better. You cannot help other people when your own life is in shambles or you’re unhappy. Why? It is way more effective to help others when you, yourself, have it together.

5) Imagine where it is that you want to see yourself one year from today, then start making choices that align up with that more. When I ask my clients if they have a picture of where they want to see themselves a year from today, 95% of the time they have never thought about it before. Big mistake! How can you get to your destination if you do not know where your destination is?

Energetic Development (Spiritually Based Thinkers):

1) Break Inertia!!!! What does that mean? Do something different, switch up your daily routine. If you are sluggish, get moving, if you are hyperactive, be still. For instance, if you normally exercise at night, then start doing it in the morning for a while. If you don’t exercise at all, then take a walk, jog, ride a bike or play tennis twice this week. If you normally do house work in the evening, do it in the morning. Break boring repetitive patterns and choose a challenge. Power is seldom developed by clinging to security. Give up being safe, and your power chakra will awaken more quickly!

2) Avoid invalidation and criticism from those who do not understand your situation, especially if you are a sensitive person who takes things to heart. When you are undertaking something new and uncertain, criticism can be an instant power crippler!

3) Make sure your energy travels in a complete circuit! In other words, what you put out comes back; remember the 75/25 rule.

4) Both effort and resistance are tiring and wear your energy down. That is a sign that your power is not flowing harmoniously. When you find yourself straining with effort… stop!!! Think about what you are doing and imagine doing it without effort – smoothly, enjoyably.

5) Morning meditation! To skip morning meditation is as bad as skipping breakfast! Take a minute, two minutes or five minutes, whatever you want and sit quietly in a chair. When you do this, I want you to imagine your day going exactly the way that you want it to. Any worries that you have, see them working out just like you want. Then see yourself at the end of the day before bed thinking, “Wow, I had a great day today!”

6) Breaking attachments! If, after reasonable effort something is not working, LET IT GO! Energy that is directed toward something that is not manifesting is energy that is “hung up,” caught or otherwise useless.  The more you release, the less friction there is on your energy. The lighter you become, the more you move towards spirit and away from matter.

7) Attention… attention focuses energy! Pay it when it needs to be paid, give it to yourself. Notice where it goes, the rest of the energy will surely follow. Grounding brings us into the present. Meditation is grounding, but you can also go jogging, power walking or  do ab workouts.

You will probably not do all of these things overnight, but pick the ones that resonate with you and if start on them right away you will surely begin to notice a difference.”

Thanks to Jennifer O’Neill for her insights. She is a well-respected. intuitive consultant. To learn more, see www.inspirationalexaminer.com.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries



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