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“Sex is emotion in motion,” said Mae West.

If you want more creativity, emotional stability and confidence in your own sexuality, you may want to meditate on your 2nd or sacral chakra.

This chakra relates to the flow of your emotions, your feelings, flexibility and openness. The essence of the sacral chakra is flowing water, and is associated with the color orange, and the health of the lower abdomen, lower back and sexual organs.

When your sacral chakra is unbalanced, you may be out of touch with feelings or overly sexual, have gynecological problems or impotence, or be addicted to sex, relationships, even work.

A balanced sacral chakra brings pleasure without guilt, a strong connection to others while retaining healthy boundaries, and healthy emotional behavior.

Begin with pranayama. First try lying on your back and do belly breathing or sit and do alternate nostril breathing. Poses that will benefit your sacral chakra are the Camel, the Spinal Flex, and the Eagle.

Turn on some soothing, melodic music. Inhale deeply, hold your breath and then exhale. Feel the red whirling energy of your root chakra move up to the center of your pelvis and turn into a beautiful orange color. Feel your connection to others through desire, sensation and movement. Listen to the gentle, flowing music and allow your body to relax into it and flow with it. Let go of any pain or tension in this area. Be aware of every feeling in your body. Enjoy them. Allow yourself to become part of the music of life. Repeat the mantra, “I am able to give and receive love.”

Two characters in THE CHAKRA DIARIES have unbalanced sacral chakras, one having lost her libido, the other a young woman who is unsure of her sexuality and is overly promiscuous. Chakra balancing brings them back to a space of confidence and creativity and better able to make a true love connection. Learn from their experiences ~ The Chakra Diaries now on special summer sale on Amazon and http://www.thechakras.org.
Becca Chopra


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