A forum for all of those open to balancing their Chakras, enhancing their yoga practice and ensuring optimum holistic health

Do you have frequent sore throats, much trouble with swimmer’s ear, chronic sinusitis or asthma? Has your inner-Helen Reddy been caged and silenced, that is, are you speaking and no one is hearing you? If so, your Throat Chakra may be blocked. Balancing it could improve your ability to fluidly and creatively express your thoughts in voice and song. You may even be able to communicate telepathically by refining your skills to a high degree.

So, now that we know what the benefits of a balanced Throat Chakra are, how do we get to this elusive state of power beyond words; this place of calm where the majestic and amazingly powerful, yet largely silent elephant lives in harmony with the showy and threatening Queen of the Jungle?

Let’s begin as Mary Poppins might say, with A-B-C, airway, breathing and circulation. As I mentioned in yesterday’s thread, humans can live about 56 days without food or 12 days without water but only a mere 3 minutes without air. So, let’s practice breathing as deeply as we can, all the time, not just during yoga or meditation, but when we are at our work desk, on the train, waiting in traffic, feeding the chickens, riding our horse and even making love, either alone or with a partner. We can begin to harness our prana, to bring that rose of life back to our cheeks and peace to our hearts and minds by singing, chanting HAM or playing an instrument. The “melody” or rhythm of our expression is not important, only that we are creating a vibration that ripples through our gorgeous bodies and flows outward into the universe, ferrying our physical and emotional tensions with it.

If there are feelings of hurt or anger that are lurking in your mind that you just can’t seem to get rid of, write these feelings down on paper without editing or censure. Do not re-read or “polish” what you have written. Instead, burn the paper in your fireplace or over a candle to help cleanse your emotional debris. Repeat the process as many times as is needed to bring you to a sense of contentment and peace. Forgive yourself for your negative emotions – they are not your true being. Watch them come and go and rise above them.

Practice the Camel Pose or Ustrasana to open up the front of your body and to promote good blood supply to your neck, the seat of the Throat Chakra.

Please join me tomorrow when we will discuss using aromatherapy, bija mantras and crystal therapy to find our voice and funnel our truths into the world.

Namaste! Becca

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