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Dear EE,
You asked: Can you give me some suggestions on how to transform my earthly, sexual urges into a vibration that weakens my knees as no man has?

Elusive Ecstasy

You have touched on an age-old and very complex dilemma – how to use our Kundalini energy to enable us to embrace joy, to give and receive pleasure, overflow with passion and achieve enlightenment at our Crown Chakra. Whew, what a mouthful and a big chore too. But do-able with some concentrated and persistent effort.

When our chakras are closed or severely depleted, our radiant light cannot reach its potential and therefore our sexual urges cannot be transformed into spiritual enlightenment and body bliss. So, here are a few suggestions to move you in the “right” direction mentally and physically.

Lets start with the basics. Notice the patterns of your thoughts. Instead of oozing envy over those happy couples, be grateful that they are your friends and a valuable part of your life, and shower their union with blessings. Be non-violent in thought and deed, honest and truthful to yourself and others and worship the deity of your choice in prayer and practice.

Use daily meditation and visualizations to help you withdraw from the world of the senses and refocus your mind. Create a special place for this worship indoors or out with inspirational photos, candles or shells, crystals, feathers or stones. Read poems out loud that celebrate sexuality after you nurture yourself with meals at your altar that you have prepared from scratch. Share your space with others through song, dance or thoughts.

Purify your body as well as your mind by detoxifying through fasting or making more simple dietary changes such as eliminating red meat or increasing your fiber intake.

As I quoted Rumi in

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