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The authors of one of my favorite reference books, “The Power of Chakras and Chakra Healing,” have now written my favorite book on Crystal Healing. I stopped in the middle of a stressful day to pick up this book and, within minutes of opening it, was testing the crystal layout for chakra balancing. Ten minutes later, feeling grounded and relaxed, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the rest of this easy-to-use, beautifully illustrated guide to crystals. This book is suitable for both beginner and expert crystal healers and I look forward to sharing it with the participants in my chakra balancing workshops.

The book offers crystal patterns for almost every conceivable use – from easing headaches and enhancing immunity, to energizing the brain and nervous system to dealing with depression and coping with relationship problems. I found the placement of crystals for protection from electromagnetic stress to be very effective (I now have a crystal hanging at the center of my chest and one between my feet), allowing me to work longer hours in front of my computer. I look forward to purchasing more crystals, based on the recommended repertoire of key crystals, harnessing the healing power of nature with the authors’ expert advice.

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