A forum for all of those open to balancing their Chakras, enhancing their yoga practice and ensuring optimum holistic health

Ancient Indian, Egyptian and South American art all depict the presence of the etheric body, seen by mystics and healers, emitting the light of the aura and the chakras, the energy centers of our bodies. In this century, energy fields have been substantiated by means of Kirlian photography and electromagnetic radiation.

Chakras appear like seven spinning wheels of light, each emitting a different light frequency, which is seen as a different color, starting with red at the root chakra and going up to the sacral chakra, orange, the solar plexus chakra, yellow, the heart chakra, green, the throat chakra, blue, the third eye chakra, indigo, and the crown chakra, violet.

By balancing our chakras, each spins at the same frequency as its associated color of the rainbow, and we may all find our happiness or “pot of gold” at the end of the journey.

Please read my introductory chapter of “The Chakra Diaries,” on the home page of TheChakras.org, for more information. Namaste! Becca

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