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Just like you carry a few “everyday” items in your purse, briefcase, pocket or car like socks for cold meeting rooms, hard candies to soothe your throat, lipstick to protect and brighten your lips or gym shoes for your lunchtime walk, having a set of crystals can be very useful in chakra balancing.

They need not be fancy or showy and seem to work best when they are allowed to choose you. As proof that “everything” in this life is alive, aware and responsive, hold your hand over a few crystals and wait until one or more of them signals you that they are ready to become yours, to accompany you and to work with you by both absorbing and giving off energy.

Now, as the new guardian of your crystals and the recipient of their marvelous power, you have a responsibility to keep them clean and energized. First steep your new crystals overnight in a solution of sea salt and water and dry them thoroughly before you begin to use them.

Periodically, re-wash your crystals in the salt solution, or bury them in a bed of salt between uses or even plant them in your garden or under a tree in your favorite park. Take advantage of the healing energy of every full moon by leaving your crystals outside overnight.

One note: The intense energy of clear quartz may keep some awake at night so keep it away from your sleeping area if you are especially sensitive and bring in the calming influence of amethyst instead.


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